Software Development

Software Development

If you are with Industry life cycle, you would find that e-business concept has come from dotcom era to present where it has become a necessity for any business, process and communications success. More and more organizations are developing new net-centric applications to help them maintain a competitive edge in the new-age economy.

These business models range from Private Exchange, Industry Exchange, e-Store, and e-Service to Company Portals. These models involve much more than simply having an 'Internet presence' but require companies to reorganize their business processes and IT systems to meet the new age application demands.

Mentis understands needs for translating and transforming customer's business ideas and needs into technical reality. We have worked closely with our customers in setting up e-Procurement systems, e-Market solutions, e-store, Intranet and extranet solutions and various customer interactive applications.

With the right technology investments, it's a much easier to face business challenge.

Mentis work with their clients in setting up new e-business strategies that are important to their new projects and initiatives - from integrating with legacy ERP order-entry systems to implementing newer technologies such as Internet-based supplier collaboration systems and long term maintenance and support of their applications.

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